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 As is well known amongst the West Tech alumni, the Lincoln statue was donated by the Class of 1919.  He stood in the main hall of West Tech High School for nearly ninety years.  The Lincoln statute was the meeting place for many students, pep rallies, and stood guard over the school during trying times, the war years and peace time.  "Meet you at Lincoln" was a popular phrase that everyone knew what it meant.  The statue stood eight feet tall and weighed approximately 300 pounds.  It is hollow and made of plaster and was originally all white in color.

 The beloved Lincoln statue was in need of extensive restoration for many years after leaving the halls of West Tech.  In August 2008, a fundraising campaign was created by WTAA Trustee Chairman, George Catavolos, to provide funding for the restoration of the Lincoln statue.  The campaign had three donations levels:  Crimson - $75; Gray $150, and Warrior - $250.  Donors were recognized on a plaque that was attached to the statue with the donor names and contribution levels.  The campaign was very successful and raised more than enough funds to pay for the restoration.   

The restoration project was undertaken by Maxzolini Artcraft (for statuary repair), one of Cleveland's most prominent companies.  The restoration project was completed in 2011 and Lincoln returned "home."    Home for about a year was in Room 101 at West Tech.  With the 100-year celebration plans in the works for 2012, the statue would be moved in the West Tech Museum (the old auditorium) where it would be part of the anniversary celebration events.  Currently, the Lincoln statue is prominently on display in the West Tech Museum and is the first thing you see when you enter the Museum.

 Sue (Aichele) Jones '56 and her husband Doyle constructed and installed the protective rail around the statue, as well as giving it a cleaning and shine up.

Below are pictures of the Lincoln statue, first a picture as he stood at West Tech from 1919 to when the school closed in 1995.  The second picture showing just Lincoln's head before restoration.  The third picture is a current photo of the statue, as it stands today.  The WTAA is very proud to display the Lincoln statue at the West Tech Museum.




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